Coma (comaatdi) wrote,

I'm moving back to Perth today (or later today). I'm going through a bit of an emotional trip about this of course. I know it's the right decision. But I amr eally going to miss a few people. And, as luck would have it, I just came across a very viable great new crush. The story of my love life really. But we'll see.

Eddie cracked the shits at me for absolutely no reason a few hours ago so I came and laid on my bedroom floor (everything is gone so no such luxury as a mattress or such) and had a wee cry and I was thinking how in 24 hours, I would be in bed at my parents house with my cats (well theirs's but you know) and Mummy and Daddy a few rooms away (I always sleep well with them in the house), only to awake to spending the day with my beautiful sister and niece and then hitting the town with good eggs on Friday night. So, all of the sudden, Perth was looking a lot better.

Stupid illy timed crush and the fact that Melbourne city pisses on Perth city.... Oh well, watch this space.

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