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I haven't been for a swim in about a week. I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. I woke up this morning with an absolutely f'ed ankle. I can barely walk. This must be a symptom. Where's Bayswater, Inglewood or Beatty Park pools when you need 'em? I'm gonna search for some in this area. I really don't recall seeing any though. There was a really stupid one over near my old Carlton house and Wrink saw Ricko from Blackrock there a couple of times. That's appealing. Still, is it worth a half hour bus trip just to go for a swim on the off chance one might see Ricko? I did see him once. I was with my niece. And I had a camera on me. I was tempted to ask Uncle Ricko to have a photo with the dear but he just looked so mean.

There's always the beach. But I saw a couple of jellyfish in there and now I'm a bit scared.

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