Coma (comaatdi) wrote,

I just went in to school and got a pile of assignments back which I absolutely blitzed. The good thing about adult learning classes is that the competition is often not that strong so you end up looking really fucking good in comparison. Not to take away from the fact that I did a great job however.

I almost feel the motivation to get cracking on some more. I just want to get this done so I can move on to more important things such as exercising to become hot and becoming a rock star. Motivation not quite there though. How much would I love some dexies right now. Fuck the hospital incident. I want to gobble them on down. Then I would go for a walk/run and then spend the afternoon continuing on my path of assignment blitzage. Til then, the midday movie looks good. Well, not really. Looks like a typical (actually almost sub-par) midday movie. Oh heck, let's go an energy drink.

I have been so unhappy the last few days. A few realisations have come my way I guess really. I swear I keep hearing Oprah Winfrey's voice in my head spieling off all these cliche lines. "You are the only one that can change things", "You gotta love yourself more girlfriend!" "How can you expect other people to love you if you don't love yourself?" (I never really understood that one. It kinda sounds a bit up oneself to me).

Thanks to my crew members who put up with these rants. I'll try and counteract it with some better shit soon eh? Until then, let's just call this a lull. I hope you good eggs are all well :)

I hope Cate Blanchett wins an Oscar today. I have a feeling she will miss out though. Seriously, does anyone know anyone that does not love that woman? God bless her cotton socks. She is one classy dame.

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